Wesley Montgomery-Bell

Wesley Montgomery-Bell started shooting photographs at the age of 10. Having always possessed a passion for photography, he picked up disposable cameras any chance that presented itself and was gifted a toy digital camera for Christmas by his parents, after taking notice of his interest.

Not taking it seriously for the first few years, it wouldn’t be until 8th grade that he decided that he wanted to move forward in the pursuit of photography. He was given the opportunity to shadow both a photojournalist and an advertising photographer at the Indianapolis Star;  being a student at Center Grove High School gave him the chance to explore options to continue his education. Starting his Sophomore year, Photography was offered to students in lieu of traditional art classes. Under Jacquelyn Fowler, he learned to shoot, develop 35mm film, and black and white photo printing.

During his years at Center Grove, Wesley would participate in Photography Club and learn new and interesting techniques that would lead him to a love of HDR. Dark Room Magic, Infrared, And Polaroid transfers were some of his favorite newly acquired techniques to put to use.

Wesley attended The Art Institute Of Indianapolis for two semesters in order to follow the path of higher education under Rocky Rothrock, The Head of Digital Photography at AI. While taking classes, he learned portrait studio work, medium format shooting, and HDR. Sadly, he was unable to afford to continue attending his classes at the college and was forced to drop out. He conferred with Rocky, and was encouraged that one does not need a degree to be a good photographer, only the passion and drive. He already had the tools to succeed.

Years went by, and he honed his craft and approached it more as a hobby for a while, until 2018. Medical issues arose, and he was forced to file for Disability, unable to work a traditional job due to his illness.

Photography was now something that all his efforts and energy could be focused on. He was adamant that he did not want to focus on portraits or weddings. He wanted to be an artist, not a photographer. HDR gave him the ability to create unique pieces in an unusual style. They often appear to be a surrealist painting, but are actually digitally enhanced photographs.

In 2021, Wesley decided to finally bear down and establish himself in the art community. He created his company, Locked Aperture Photography, and became a member of the Southside Art League. 

Currently, Wesley Montgomery-Bell is in search of an official studio and works from his home in Greenwood.